South African Adoptions

Non Related Adoptions

The roller coaster of infertility often leaves potential parents disheartened, and not knowing which way to turn. Adoption is one option that can be explored as an alternative way of creating your family.  

There have been many changes in South Africa regarding adoption in the past few years. These changes include changing social and economic circumstances, birth fathers rights, a specified waiting period before finalising an adoption and legalisation of abortions.  

In South Africa there are many Black children available for adoption who desperately need families, but very few Caucasian children or children of any other Race.

You are required by South African law to be investigated/screened as to your suitability as an adoptive parent. Each application will be considered individually according to circumstances.

The investigation/screening begins with an individual interview, and if you choose to proceed, this will involve a full psycho/social assessment by the social worker. You will be required to furnish your social worker with various documents.

Once applicants have been fully screened and accepted as potential adoptive parents, you will be placed on a waiting list until a suitable child becomes available. The waiting period for a child will depend on what your preferences are in terms of the child you are looking for, and the children available who are looking for a family.

Family Adoptions

Families often find themselves in circumstances where children need to be adopted by either step parents or other family members. It is helpful to explore these issues with a professional person before embarking on the legal process. We are able to offer both counselling and legal services for family adoptions, and can facilitate your family adoption from start to finish.